History of rock :

Master Jacques BENSE is the inventor and the founder of tree rock dances :

- The 4 strokes rock

- The 8 strokes rock

- The acrobatic rock


If we refer to texts on the history of the dance there, it seems that the first one to use the term of rock’n’roll dance is Jacques BENSE.

He creates this couple’s dance on the demand of many french and international teachers in 1956.


It’s Rothschild Baron who act of order for the young people of dancing rallies. He was the first French fortune. Baron’s wish was to create a friendly dance for young people from higher society.


The first customers from Master was been dancing rallies from Versailles that’s why we speak of “versaillais rock”. But Parisian rallies was also famous, some of them were talking about them, like those of 16th district or 8th disctrict.


The words “swing” and “rock” have own the same signification. That’s why a frequent confusion exist about the origins of the rock n’roll dance.


Concerning this other dance, the 6 strokes swing, it borned in 1938. He became the 6 strokes   rock in the sixties. It should be noted that the 6 strokes rock is based on a conventional rhythmic step. 


4 strokes rock began in 1956 with a 4 strockes step rhythmic. Then, in the 70’s, the music became faster with the arrival of new musical currents like Pop, Funk and Disco. The 4 strokes step rhythmic, even if it is much quicker than 6 strokes step rhythmic, become too slow.


It was then the astute students of Master Jacques BENSE will impose throughout in France arm rhythmic faster of execution. To be more precise, we should say with an arm dominant in the order of 90% because a big inheritance of step 4 strokes rock remain in modern rock.


This arm in 4 strokes rhythmic will be a revolution in the world of dance. For the first time we will have an arm rhythmic. Then the steps become secondary. So the arm rhythmic symbolises the modern 4 strokes rock. Today more than 1000 passes exist in the discipline.


In the 90’s, there will be attempts to introduce 4 strokes rock in Institute of Higher education. In the 2000’s, it will really penetrate on the demand of nostalgic student rallies party. 4 strokes rock will be then introduced into the student environment exclusively.


In 2009, the French Club 4 Beats Rock is created by expanding the public. So this one will propose parties to 18 till 39 years including young professionals. The public will be composed of 50% of students and 50% of young professionals for the first time in France. Some have told us that he was not returned on a rock dance floor sometimes 4 or 5 years !


In 2012, the Club created the first independent section in 4 strokes rock intended for adults every thursday night.


Dates: Born of three rock'n'roll majors :


1938 : Birth of 6 strokes swing called in the 60’s, 6 strokes rock. It was born in the United States.

rock’n’roll video 6 beats


1956 : Birth of 4 strokes rock by Professor Jacques BENSE. It was born in France at Paris that’s why have this name.

rock'n'roll 4 beats video 1       rock'n'roll 4 beats 2


1972 : The acrobatic rock’n’roll became a separate discipline under the leadership of a group of Lyon in France. It is a french discipline. The world champions are Polish.

acrobatic rock’n’roll video 1       acrobatic rock n’roll video 2




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