The rock'n'roll attitude made in Boulogne city (BBI newspaper)

Recreating the atmosphere of dancing rallies and the opportunity to dance rock'n'roll, that is our aim said Pierre Thomas d'Arras, Boulonais and founder of the French Club Rock 4 beats. After rallies dancing and studies, opportunities to dance are very few. Yet the demand is there. To see the success every party organized in the hall of Parchamp, veterans rally regulars love it. They are nearly 200 aged between 18 to 35 years old come to dance rock n'roll and enjoy of the atmosphere of these social gatherings. They are students or young professionals, come from Boulogne (60%) or elsewhere. The parties are organized every 6 weeks testifies Clemence, a passionate adherent.

"This is an opportunity for dancers to practice and improve on the dance floor on a frantic pace. Brief only happiness!" Just before each party, a lesson is ensured for everyone to participate. " The hall of Parchamp is perfect continues Pierre. It is the perfect size for our project. Large enough for couples of dance to move at ease, and not too big to maintain the friendly atmosphere of these dancing parties."

Lessons to learn and perfect : For anecdote rock 4 beats was founded in 1956 by the French Jacques Bense on Baron Rothschild's request so that young people can dance on music booming then : rock n ' roll. "...


Jean-Sébastien Favard (journalist of Boulogne city near of Paris)


Clémence C .. do not regret her registration in the “Club Français de Rock à 4 Temps”. "Rock lessons in 4 strokes, this is the time of the week not to be missed, you're a student or a worker, all ingredients to make these two hours (one hour of theory lesson and one hour of practice) a nice pause in our daily lives, with an effective teacher and listening. These rich and technical courses are moving us week after week, all in cheerfulness. But the French Club Rock 4 Strokes, it is not that, it's also parties every 6 weeks, an opportunity for dancers to practice and improve on the dance floor on a frantic pace. In short, only happiness! "


Next lesson :

Wednesday, October 6th

62 rue Marcel Dassault

to Boulogne

from 8 PM to 10 PM

Subway : Porte of Saint Cloud