Rock 4 Beats  


One, two, three, four, one, two, three four...

Do it again until it is here and register in your heart, inscribe in your heart.

Dance is not only a technic, it’s the translation of happiness.

I want to see in you the joy in your glance, this nice desire to live !


Dear pupils, dear last promotion, may I make you a last confidence.

In all the passions, my dances, the nicest was the rock 4 times.

Tonight, I slowly leave to join the firmament.

If you love this art you will serve it with trust.


This night a star has gone to join the milky way.

But some dust of stars stayed on Earth.

Ten years were over, the runway is quickly filled as a thunderclap.

Dance is written with heart, enjoy yourself and most of all believe in your destiny !




Dancing is loving life  


Dancing is a whole art !

During my first dances.

I only made simple passes.

Shy, I didn’t take my part.


The evening parties, I spent them to look at, .

Such a dreamer, I saw myself there and I admired.

These girls, these boys became entangled, incurred.

Some of them got married


Time passed so fast looking at !

I became a lover of dance of couple for my biggest happiness.

When the light switch off, I launch with in my stomach this little fear.

Such a composer, I close my eyes and begin dreaming


My partner looks at me with her nice eyes.

I launch the dance and then it is like a communion.

We look at each other with a collusive air and our gestures show our nice union.

Some girls and boys look at us as happy people.


Yes, dance is more than an art it’s the expression of life.

On the dancefloor, I feel my partner, I guess her.

She is happy, she is nice, she is graceful, all simply divine !

We connect our passes with a lot of spirit and desire


Today, dream and magic operate.

I admit, I give myself a good place.

You know it, I find you beautiful

Come on, let’s dance, you will always be my part of mystery.





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