The 4 strokes rock was born in 1956, that's the first dance to take the title of Rock N’Roll. It was the first dance to be danced on Rock N’Roll music in the world this year. Rock have 6 months.


So in the 50’s to the 80’s musics will be advanced significant way under the leadership of master Bense. It retains to this day in all rock party a great musical register to 70’s and 80’s corresponding to the top of the glory of the Master.


Then, he left the work to his successors over the years will add titles up to today. Our Club in the great tradition Jacques Bensienne takes about that upgrade our playlists as did in his days the Master. We have this belief in the club is that music 4 strokes rock is like a language, it evolves and modernizes year after year.


The music of the 70’s and 80’s are very pleasant because it is dynamic without being too much. This is what is called the “old school”.

In parties, the Club in the first part, It is three-quarters of the music 70’s and 80’s completed the rest by the latest music call the “new school”. In the second part is 60% old school.


We end this musical register by quoting a famous phrase from the founder of the discipline : “Do not just dance rock on rock music.”



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