Girls :

During parties :

For the girls during parties, dress, flexible skirt are deeply advised. Indeed, in a too tight skirt or too stiff skirt you will be ill-at-ease most of all if you make very sympathetic movements as tilted or semi-acrobatic movements in general. The shoes with heels are one more and mark a certain insurance in dance

However it is often more comfortable for you, Miss, Ladies, to have flat shoes. It happens that some girls arrive in miniskirt or minishort, it is a versus, it doesn’t exist contra-indication. The real interest of a skirt which comes a little down or of a skirt are no more and no less the visual effects when you turn. That is wonderful. The trousers are to be avoided even if it’s practice.

During galas :

Long dress is circumstance. Then it will be preferable to be in elegant high-heeled shoes. It exist for your hair additions as hairpins, headbands, laces headbands, veil, flowers horse are a more…

For the classical, you know, Miss and Ladies : necklaces and/or bracelets and/or earrings, which always give a more. To the wrists, the original idea can be the buttonhole.



During parties:

For the boys during parties, it’s strongly recommended a little trousers in canvas. Yes, it’s lighter than the famous jean and more flexible to make ample movements.

On the top of body, the ideal is to wear a polo or a shirt, or a chemisette. A little jacket is a more. Otherwise the first button open for the polos, shirts and chemisette, is better. Concerning the shoes, it is preferable to have leather shoes.

During galas :

The bow tie is of rigorous, and will be much more comfortable than a tie. The three piece suit is very appreciated. The waistcoat under your jacket will allow you to put down your jacket while remaining smart. During galas, it’s important to wear nice shoes. Some boys are distinguished by a stencil, and/or by a buttonhole, and/or by cufflinks. But it isn’t an obligation.


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