In the Club, in order to understand better the discipline of modern 4 beats rock including at the day more than 450 passes, we created a typology about passes in 5 movements categories : (all these passes are realized on 4 beats or on a multiple of 4)


-       Passes of base : Those are the 30 passes on the ground Master Jacques BENSE let us in inheritage. They are the first passes learnt or to learn. They were transposed in arm rhythmic during the 70’s, Today, they represent the beginner level.


-        Technical  Passes: Those are more complex passes. They only can be correctly executed  only by an intermediary level. The training of basis passes to reach this level must be mastered. They are the nicest passes of 4 beats rock. It’s at least 2 movements which can only be chained an other way. We can quote the  pass of the dragon, the pass of the quintuple tour or the pass of the chain.


-        Semi-acrobatic passes : Those are semi aerial passes. Indeed, what characterizes these passes is that the girl has always one foot on the floor, They are learnt at intermediary level.


-        Acrobatic passes : They are aerial passes. During the execution of the  pass, the girl’s feet aren’t in contact with the ground. They are learnt  at an intermediary level and for the mostly complexes  at an advanced level. The first has been created by the founder in 1956.


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